• Developer: NetherRealm
  • Publisher: WB Games
  • Release Date: Nov 30 2017
  • Original Price: $50
  • Average Sale Price: $8 USD
  • Genre: Superhero, Fighting Game
  • Playtime at Review: 11 Hours

I'm not much of a fighting game player, with the only fighting game I've played before this being Super Smash bros. This game is definitely more of a traditional fighting game which at first I wasn't too thrilled about, but I came back to this game recently to play the campaign and I have to say that I have definitely warmed up to its mechanics. It's not gorey like the Mortal Kombat games, but there is still a lot of 'umph' to the punches which I love. The sound design is one of the best parts of this game and makes you feel the weight of your attacks. I love seeing all these DC characters fighting each other, and I wish they added more via DLC rather than random comic characters like Hellboy and TMNT.

The story mode is my favorite part of this game, but the actual plot is sort of confusing. I didn't play the first game (at least not the console version) and haven't read the comics, so it's hard to get adjusted to the world for a new player like me. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are all fighting each other and it's not explained very well. Other parts can even be really humorous, where, spoilers, Green Lantern shows up out of nowhere really mad as you, Aquaman, you fight him, then right after he's chatting with you like you're best buds. It's kinda weird.

I didn't really try the online modes other than one time which I was in the queue for a real long time and decided to keep playing single player. The single player offerings besides the story mode is sort of lacking unless you're really good and complete all the max difficulty multiverses (which are gauntlets basically). I wish you could create your own multiverse with customizability but as far as I am aware that doesn't exist.

With all that being said, I still think this game is great and I am sure I will play it on and off for a while, simply because of how fun it is to just beat up low level AI. Injustice 1 probably had a better roster but this one is still good, with stand outs like Starfire and Gorilla Grodd. 3/5.