Minecraft 1.18 Update

The caves and cliffs update part 2 is finally out. After waiting for what seems like forever, the world of Minecraft has finally been upgraded. The new world generation makes Minecraft feel fresh and new again, like a new mod. One of my favorite mods for Minecraft is the Biomes O’ Plenty mod because of the world gen that it adds, so it is awesome that it got overhauled in the vanilla game.

The cliffs look absolutely gorgeous, especially the snow capped peaks. Some mountains I feel don’t make sense, such as a lot by oceans or seas. It looks like your in the Ice Age movie with sheer cliffs holding you in like a bowl. Other than this though, it looks really good. And it’s much better to build with. I have always wanted to make a dwarven fortress inspired build, similar to the Lonely Mountain in the Hobbit with the two massive statues at the entrance. Before, I could never find a mountain big enough to do this, but now these mountains are everywhere.

The caves are also pretty good and make mining pretty interesting. In my first playthrough in this update I found my first few diamonds just by running around a massive cave that probably spanned a few thousand blocks. I feel the worst part of Minecraft is the mining, so it is good that they revamped it. I will say that diamonds are much harder to find though because of how deep they are, now at around a y-level of -20 or so. You also have to dig through deepslate, which takes longer to break than regular stone. The new types of caves are also pretty good.

They did have to cut out a lot of stuff for this update, such as the forbidden cities and archeology. I’m glad that they cut out archeology, because TBH it didn’t look very good. It’s sad to see the warden and the forbidden cities be delayed till the next update, but it looks pretty neat, kind of adding a horror element to the game. I can’t wait to check it out when 1.19 comes out.

All in all, I think this is a pretty good update, perhaps one of the best. The mountains may need to be fixed a bit but I think this a great start to make Minecraft fresh again.